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You can download Episode 01 at [ profile] ourhour here or at [ profile] estherzax's LJ here (1280x720, .avi).

As you can probably tell by the header, my picspams/reviews of Inu o Kau to Iu Koto will all be in relation to Junno and his character Hotta Katsuhiko. 'Junno Vision', so to speak. ;P I may or may not comment on other aspects of the drama (Sky Tree, the Hongo family, etc), depending on how lazy I'm feeling, lol. I'm watching it RAW, and I apologize for anything I may not be understanding right. OTL ---> This is why you won't see any episode summaries from me. Also, the style of my picspams may change as the series progresses since I'm experimenting w/ it.

Episode 01 ~ 貧乏家族、小さな命を拾う!?
Air Date: 04/15/2011 (TV Asahi)
Official Website
DramaWiki here, Japanese Wiki here

Junno plays the part of Hotta Katsuhiko, 29-year old medical doctor working in a public practice. He is a former classmate of Hongo Sachiko. He liked her during high school and even after graduation, but never confessed.

Junno Parts* -
*I've listed time stamps, so you can find where each part starts if you dl the entire episode. Please refer to the above picspam for stuff mentioned below.

Class Reunion Invitation (Name Only) ~ 22:11
We get our first mention of 'Hotta Katsuhiko' when Sachiko receives a class reunion invitation. Katsuhiko is the coordinator.

Supermarket/Register Scene ~ 34:10
Katsuhiko and Sachiko meet for the first time in a long while at Sachiko's place of work, the supermarket. The red/white strawberries Hotta buys is 7500 yen! :O This is so we know that Katsuhiko is loaded well-off. xD His financial situation greatly differs from the Hongo family, who have to save up, etc. Also, I take it the gold credit card has to mean something...? lolol Katsuhiko's kind of adorable when he recalls Sachiko's married last name - "Ima wa... Hon... go?" He asks her if she's coming to the reunion and she apologizes because she can't go. The next person in line interrupts their small talk/catching up. ;P So Katsuhiko takes his leave as he picks up his strawberries with a smile and a "Ja!"

Hospital Scene ~ 44:05
We see Katushiko in his place of work, and in the doctor's white coat. Here, he wears glasses and is much more serious (but also gentle and calm) as he attends to a patient and then talks to the husband of another patient. (The husband happens to be a friend of Ryo's character Yuji from work.)

- Needs MOAR Junno. ;P (I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Not really. I know it's a supporting role... -goes in corner and sulks-) But hey~ It's better than Kame's Kinpachi cameo! -bricked- Anyway, so far so good for Junno. His acting didn't seem awkward at all, which - yay!
- The drama is very... boring slow. However, I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt as most first episodes - especially in family dramas - tend to be a lot of set-up. The Hongo family didn't even get the dog until the very end. I will of course be sticking with the series for Junno.
- Dr. Hotta = ♥! And I love the drama for getting Junno to cut his hair for the role. ;P
- Will there or won't there be something sparking between Katsuhiko and Sachiko~? Were the strawberries (they're considered an aphrodisiac, y'know~) a red herring or foreshadowing? lmao -bricked again-
- Ryo as a dad is both super adorable and a little surreal.
- The kids are cute and I predict an episode w/ Dai (the son) getting in some kind of trouble... He seems to be the troublemaker.
- I found the part where Sachiko scolds Yuji and Mako (the daughter) funny, even though I also felt sorry for them (Also - father/daughter bonding time = ♥). Same goes for when Yuji was punching himself. OTL
- Umm, did the mom call her daughter a 'baka'? Eh... Granted, Sachiko was upset, but still. :/
- The dog is also cute, even though pomeranians aren't my favorite breed. Sky Tree as a name... lol. (Ack, I had the same reactions as the "mean girls". xD;;)

Episode 02 Preview ~
Hotta gif here. Hotta tends to get just one shot in the previews (so far). Looks like he's by a riverbank? :3 Probably talking to Sachiko. Sachiko collapses at work and, going by magazine previews, is taken to the hospital where Katsuhiko becomes her doctor.

Inu o Kau to Iu Koto Picspam/Review Masterpost here.
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