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Note: As you can probably tell by the header, my picspams/reviews of Inu o Kau to Iu Koto will all be in relation to Junno and his character Hotta Katsuhiko. 'Junno Vision', so to speak. ;P I may or may not comment on other aspects of the drama (Sky Tree, the Hongo family, etc), depending on how lazy I'm feeling, lol. I'm watching it RAW, and I apologize for anything I may not be understanding right. OTL ---> This is why you won't see any complete episode summaries from me. Also, the style of my picspams may change as the series progresses since I'm experimenting w/ it.

Episode 03 ~ 大切な家族の失踪
Air Date: 04/29/2011 (TV Asahi)
Official Website
DramaWiki here, Japanese Wiki here

Junno plays the part of Hotta Katsuhiko, 29-year old medical doctor working in a public practice. He is a former classmate of Hongo Sachiko. He liked her during high school and even after graduation, but never confessed.

Junno Parts* -
*I've listed time stamps, so you can find where each part starts if you dl the entire episode. Please refer to the above picspam for stuff mentioned below.

Hospital Room ~ 00:00
Katsuhiko rushes to Sachiko's room. ♥ In the previous episode, Sachiko had collapsed at work. Katushiko checks up on her and tells her she needs to take better care of herself. Sachiko's a bit more flippant about it, and then Yuji comes in. Katsuhiko and Yuji meet for the first time. 8Dv Yuji greets him formally as he would any doctor, but is then surprised when Sachiko tells him Katsuhiko was her highschool classmate. "Eh?" They make their introductions to each other (the look Yuji gives Katsuhiko... lol, ♥ it!) and then Katsuhiko leaves the married couple alone to talk.

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Hospital Reception Desk ~ 03:33
Sachiko is paying her hospital bill, but is 110 yen short. Dr. Hotta appears out of nowhere with the change she needs, LOL. Why are you so kind, Dr. Hotta?! ;_______; It's no big deal to him, but it's a big deal to Sachiko. I love the smile he gives the hospital employee. xD He's about to leave, but then remembers to remind Sachiko to get examined again. Sachiko nods and then says she'll repay the 110 yen. Katushiko says it's fine (omg, his smile~ *______*) and she thanks him.

Hospital Lobby ~ 11:18
The next day, Sachiko is waiting for Katsuhiko and stares at a nurse after she passes by. You can see the nostalgia/longing on her face for the dream she gave up. Katsuhiko appears and she holds out something to him. Katsuhiko gives her a questioning look and she explains that it's the 110 yen she borrowed from him the day before. He says it was no big deal. (He obviously didn't see it as her borrowing, while she did.)

Hospital Roof ~ 11:42
Katsuhiko hands her a coffee can, which Sachiko accepts. She thanks him and comments on how the drink cost 120 yen. Katsuhiko doesn't really get that she obviously wants to pay him back for this as well, lol. xD He asks after her physical condition, and she says she's fine and how she hasn't collapsed again. They talk some more, about Sachiko's life and her decisions, etc. (Sorry I'm lazy about this part...) Then a phone call interrupts their fun chat and Dr. Hotta has to go. :(

Grocery Store ~ 26:01
Sachiko is piling the grocery baskets by her cashier station when she looks up to find Katsuhiko with a serious expression on his face.

Grocery Store Loading Dock ~ 26:24
Sachiko and Katsuhiko talk out back. The music is very dramatic and Katsuhiko's face seems grim as he confirms that she got examined again at the hospital.

- More Junno than the previous episodes! Yay~ ♥
- Dr. Hotta is ♥______♥. Happy to see him in the white lab cat. 8D
- He rushed to Sachiko's room! Aww...
- LMAO, I love the look Yuji gives Hotta after they meet for the first time and Yuji finds out Hotta was a former classmate of Sachiko's. He looks surprised and starry-eyed intrigued. LOL ZOMG, Katsuhiko/Sachiko/Yuji threesome. -bricked forever- And the way he looks after him when Katsuhiko leaves... lol. Impressed, maybe? ;P
- The Yuji and Sachiko scene (after Katsuhiko leaves) was the first time I really liked them as a couple. :D
- The smile Katsuhiko gives to the receptionist after handing over the 110 yen for Sachiko... *______________* What a charmer, this doctor.
- Sachiko's very determined not to owe anyone, lol.
- I love the Katsuhiko and Sachiko dynamic. They seem really easygoing with each other, it's almost like no time passed at all. I think this is reflective of their high school relationship - they must have been very good friends. They just picked up where they left off so long ago. :) I wonder if we'll find out how they lost touch. Or if it just goes the way some high school friendships do.
- Sachiko seems kind of "blind" to Katsuhiko (and how much he cares).
- ZOMG, he called her "Sacchan".
- I love all the over the shoulder shots we get of Hotta as he turns and smiles. *_____*
- Sachiko seems to smile a lot around Katsuhiko. It's nice. ♥
- Katushiko really loves "Ja~!" lol
- Sachiko's pregnant?! :O (LOL, Junno's grim expression made me think it was something very grave/serious. I wonder if next week we'll understand why he was so :| about it. I could understand them making him do that expression as to fool the TV audience and then revealing she's actually pregnant in a later episode. Instead, they reveal it right away, lmao.)
- Yuji was adorable at the end. Seems excited about their third child.
- I'm seriously mostly just watching the Junno parts and not even the whole episodes now... =.=;;

Episode 04 Preview ~
Hotta gif here. We get to see Hotta driving~ Woot, woot! 8D Sachiko has to go to the shop where her son got his game cards, and Hotta gives her a lift, I believe. :3 Things are looking serious for the Hongo family... Let Dr. Hotta make it all better.

Inu o Kau to Iu Koto Picspam/Review Masterpost here.

There's rumors of a possible Ouran Koukou Host Club live action drama for the Summer 2011 season!!1! ZOMG. :O I want it to be true but at the same time, I don't. LOL The rumored timeslot is lousy (12AM on Friday - so, technically, Sat) and with a storyline like Ouran, it deserves the treatment Hana Yori Dango got. The Ouran story demands a big budget - anything less will only make the drama look cheap and lousy. :(

Also, is there anyone else out there besides me who absolutely needs wants Junno to play Tamaki? ♥ (I know a lot of people would rather no Johnnys whatsoever. ;P) I know Junno playing Tamaki will never happen (-runs and sobs in corner-), but a girl can dream, right? ;______; I suddenly want to write a letter to him through KT Style. lol
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