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Note: As you can probably tell by the header, my picspams/reviews of Inu o Kau to Iu Koto will all be in relation to Junno and his character Hotta Katsuhiko. 'Junno Vision', so to speak. ;P I may or may not comment on other aspects of the drama (Sky Tree, the Hongo family, etc), depending on how lazy I'm feeling, lol. I'm watching it RAW, and I apologize for anything I may not be understanding right. OTL ---> This is why you won't see any complete episode summaries from me. Also, the style of my picspams may change as the series progresses since I'm experimenting w/ it.

Episode 04 ~ 泣いてたまるか!!
Air Date: 05/06/2011 (TV Asahi)
Official Website
DramaWiki here, Japanese Wiki here

Junno plays the part of Hotta Katsuhiko, 29-year old medical doctor working in a public practice. He is a former classmate of Hongo Sachiko. He liked her during high school and even after graduation, but never confessed.

Junno Parts* -
*I've listed time stamps, so you can find where each part starts if you dl the entire episode. Please refer to the above picspam for stuff mentioned below. The following scenes happen one after the other, so no need to skip from one to the next unless you want to, lol.

Outside Grocery Store ~ 05:47
Sachiko's on her way to check out some card shops and - lo and behold! - Katsuhiko just happens to be passing by~ lol. He says hi from his car and Sachiko gets an idea. She asks him if he's free. (And of course, of course Hotta-sensei drives a BMW~ lololol)

Car ~ 06:01
Sachiko doesn't tell Katsuhiko why, but she asks him to give her a ride to a few game card shops. He asks if it's for shopping purposes and she gives a vague answer. (She's trying to find out where her son got some expensive rare game cards - the main question being where he got the money for them, even suspecting that he may have shoplifted them.)

Outside Card Shop ~ 06:29
Once Sachiko leaves the first store, Katsuhiko being the gentleman that he is, gets out of the car and hurries around the front to open the door for her. ♥ Katushiko gives her a concerned/puzzled look, but Sachiko's preoccupied with thoughts about what's going on with her son.

Car ~ 06:49
Katsuhiko asks her 'Where to next?'. Instead of answering, Sachiko finally seems to recall Katsuhiko's gesture outside the first store. She asks him about it - if, when a girl/woman is in need of support, he always does things like opening doors for them? Katushiko is surprised by her question, retorting, 'Isn't that normal?' and asks her why she's inquiring about it. Sachiko's surprised by his answer and replies that there was no reason in particular.

Card Shop ~ 07:13
Katsuhiko joins Sachiko in the second shop instead of waiting in the car this time. He curiously looks around the aisles and at the cards behind the glass cases.

Outside Grocery Store ~ 07:31
After visiting a few card shops, Sachiko comes to the conclusion that it wasn't shoplifting and Katsuhiko drops her back off at the grocery store. Sachiko thanks him and tells him that he really helped her out this time and apologizes for having him drive her around just before he has to go to work. Katsuhiko says it's okay, and then offers her a Battle Monster card set priced at 50,000 yen (!!!). Since they were going around game card shops, Katsuhiko inferred that maybe it was her son's birthday or something along those lines and says it's a present from him. Sachiko immediately tells him that it's nothing like that, but Katushiko isn't deterred. Since he bought it anyway and it seems to be a popular card set, he still wants her son to have it. Sachiko says no way, Katsuhiko says not to worry about it, and Sachiko says she is worried about accepting such a gift. Katushiko deflates a little (am I sensing a pout~? lol) and puts the card set back in his car.

Katushiko then inquires after her physical condition, to which Sachiko replies that she's totally fine. He comments that should be the case, pregnancy isn't a sickness after all. Sachiko agrees, saying since this will be her third child, she's used to it. Katsuhiko believes that was the situation all along and Sachiko realizes he had seen into her worries as a young mother and basically reminded her that she'll be okay and that her pregnancy isn't a bad thing. He was perceptive to her feelings because he's a doctor, plus - he jokes - he seems to especially understand young, beautiful women (implying Sachiko). Sachiko says she's not young, but smiles as she agrees with the beautiful part. Katsuhiko lets out a half-hearted 'ahaha' as if denying her statement (again joking). Going along with him and pretending to be scandalized, Sachiko imitates him and slaps his shoulder. The two laugh.

Sachiko moves to the side and we see three busybody moms in the background, observing Katsuhiko and Sachiko laughing together, looking all ~cozy~. The moms wonder what's the deal, commenting on the luxury car and the handsome man and how they're both out in the middle of the day. Something ~must~ be going on~ ;P

- Junno was relegated back to his usual screentime, but better than nothing~
- The way Katsuhiko and Sachiko meet this time is sorta funny, seeing as how he just happened to stop by as she was leaving and was in need of a favor. ;P But hey~ there was some bonding time. Kinda. Their meeting may have seem forced (as in, it happened b/c the writers needed it to happen and it wasn't naturally coming from the story), but I'm glad they had it b/c then Katushiko wouldn't be in the ep. LOL
- I have to say I really like Junno's 'driving a car' acting. I've seen some actors just do whatever they want, taking long glances at their passenger during a convo when they're supposed to be driving and keeping their eyes on the road. =.=;; Junno was natural and barely even glanced Asami's way while talking - realistic.
- I like that Katsuhiko seems to be the perfect gentlemen, what with him opening car doors and such. And Sachiko being kind of 'O__o;;' in regards to it is hilarious.
- The series seems to need to remind us of the financial gap between Katushiko and the Hongos, with him spending 50,000 yen on a game card set as if it was chump change. (Or it just goes to show he's just that generous?) Either way, Junno seemed to think that was high as well and even wondered if it should be lowered to 30,000 yen (not that that's really any better)... (Only Star 2011.05.23 No.19-1589)
- Katsuhiko seems to be very generous, but he's also oblivious to what may be crossing the line. He sees it as no big deal, Sachiko sees it as taking advantage/charity/what-have-you. I like that this distinction has been clearly drawn.
- Sachiko is just really blind to Katushiko. lol
- I also like how perceptive Katsuhiko is (though he's dense in others, lol), and how we got to see him joking and laughing with Sachiko. Their rekindled friendship is purely innocent, even though we still can't be sure of whether or not Katsuhiko still harbors his long ago feelings for her. We know that he cares for her, but how far does that go?
- I really wish this was a romantic drama, lmao! /bricked

Episode 05 Preview ~
Hotta gif here. Dr. Hotta, hard at work and concerned. :(

Inu o Kau to Iu Koto Picspam/Review Masterpost here.
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