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Note: As you can probably tell by the header, my picspams/reviews of Inu o Kau to Iu Koto will all be in relation to Junno and his character Hotta Katsuhiko. 'Junno Vision', so to speak. ;P I may or may not comment on other aspects of the drama (Sky Tree, the Hongo family, etc), depending on how lazy I'm feeling, lol. I'm watching it RAW, and I apologize for anything I may not be understanding right. OTL ---> This is why you won't see any complete episode summaries from me. Also, the style of my picspams may change as the series progresses since I'm experimenting w/ it.

Episode 05 ~ 初めてのさよなら
Air Date: 05/13/2011 (TV Asahi)
Official Website
DramaWiki here, Japanese Wiki here

Junno plays the part of Hotta Katsuhiko, 29-year old medical doctor working in a public practice. He is a former classmate of Hongo Sachiko. He liked her during high school and even after graduation, but never confessed.

Junno Parts* -
*I've listed time stamps, so you can find where each part starts if you dl the entire episode. Please refer to the above picspam for stuff mentioned below. The following scenes happen one after the other, so no need to skip from one to the next unless you want to, lol.

Other Moms' House (Mention Only) ~ 06:46
The busybody moms are gossiping amongst themselves about Sachiko and Katsuhiko, who they don't know. They speculate that he's a host. =____=;; They think that he escorts Sachiko, and one of the mothers comments that Sachiko must have money to afford such things (a host).

Hospital Lobby ~ 17:18
Sachiko has just finished her periodic check-up at the hospital when Katsuhiko happens upon her when she's leaving.

Katsuhiko: Sacchan!
Sachiko: Ah, Hotta-kun!
Katsuhiko: Medical check-up? Is everything okay? Should I look after you properly?*
Sachiko: You are!
Katsuhiko: Oh, really? I'm glad.
*Like, should he take care of her, be her doctor, etc etc.

After their little exchange here, the two come across Kubota (Yuji's work friend) in the lobby. Kubota recognizes Sachiko and they greet each other, and Katsuhiko asks if they know each other. Sachiko explains that her husband and Kubota work(ed?) together. Kubota asks after Sky Tree and says that while he's not good with dogs, his wife loves them. He wonders if the Hongos will let his wife see Sky. Katsuhiko gently reminds him that animals are not allowed in the hospital. As Kubota tries to convince him, Sachiko interrupts and informs Kubota that Sky might not be with them anymore (another family claimed he was their dog). Kubota is visibly disappointed, and we see Katsuhiko's troubled expression. Sachiko takes her leave, but not without leaving her regards for Kubota's wife.

Hospital Meeting Room ~ 19:31
Now in a private room, Katsuhiko expresses his concerns about Kubota's wife. He talks about how, as a doctor, it his duty to treat his patients with all his power, but nothing can be done when his patients refuse to accept any treatment. Katsuhiko asks Kubota to please persuade his wife to reconsider. (Hatsue - the wife - has decided not to continue treatment or something along those lines.)

- Junno's screentime, I think, was cut down even more so than usual because a scene he was part of was more Sachiko and Kubota w/ Katsuhiko on the fringes.
- I hate the busybody moms. Ugh. I probably wouldn't mind the rumors so much if I knew they would go somewhere, but this isn't a romantic drama and Yuji-Sachiko are pretty solid as a married couple. LOL /bricked for wanting something more.
- I'm seriously wondering if Hotta still likes Sachiko or not. Hmm, hmm...
- Hotta-sensei is such a serious doctor who really cares about his patients. ;_____; Junno's pulling off some really serious/worried faces - I love it.
- Can't go wrong with Hotta in the lab coat~ Not at all~ ;)
- It might just be me, but this drama is really slow-moving, but I suppose that's to be expected of a family drama. The drama w/ the dog is not getting to me. xD;;

Episode 06 Preview ~
Hotta gif here. More Dr. Hotta in his white lab coat, looking very troubled. ;____;

Inu o Kau to Iu Koto Picspam/Review Masterpost here.
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