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This post is more about the color page than what actually happened in Chapter 411 of Naruto. Still, there be spoilers probably. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Kishimoto = NaruSasu shipper? )

Sorry. This just gave me the giggles. Random thoughts from me.

Naruto Dub

Jan. 24th, 2006 11:41 am
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So, I finally got around to watching the latest Naruto dub episode that I TiVo'd on Saturday. I'm keeping an open mind on the voice actors, but still... *winces*

First of all, let me just say I adore Sasuke's and Kakashi's English VAs - Yuri Lowenthal and Dave Wittenberg. Sasuke's voice has that really dreamy quality if you what I mean... And guys, I'm not that big of a Sasuke fan, so it's saying a lot when I actually like the voice actor. I'm still a little iffy about Naruto's VA, Maile Flanagan. And I totally hate that I'm feeling iffy about it because I really, really want to like the voice acting. But sometimes, when I'm watching, I feel like it's wrong. I know what I'm feeling is unfair to Flanagan because she is talented, but I think I'm so used to Junko Takeuchi, who - let's face it - is on a whole other level.

Totally random: Does anyone else find it hilarious that Hinata's English VA also does the Sexy Jutsu Naruto? XD

Hmm, let's get back on track to the last episode. I was actually looking forward to watching this one because we get our first glimpse of the Sand siblings. Kankurou's voice (Michael Lindsay) wasn't bad - I could live with it. But Temari (Tara Platt)... *face-plant on desk* Why, oh why, does she sound like a stereotypical valley girl? Someone, someone please tell my why! *weeps* Temari is supposed to be the visiting badass!kunoichi. She's in my top 3 favorite kunoichi. So it disappoints me that I just think her VA is all wrong. *sighs* Granted, she only had a few lines, so she may get better, but still... *winces* WHY?!? On a much brighter note, on the two lines Gaara's VA (Liam O'Brien) did, I totally loved it. Sexy, dark, and actually a bit similar to the Japanese VA (Akira Ishida). I'm looking forward to hearing more from him, and hoping it wasn't just my overactive imagination wanting him to be good. (My most favorite character ever is Gaara, FYI.)

Seriously, I wonder how the voice casting is done. Does the casting director actually see the series in Japanese first to get the storyline and plot? The actual feel of the series? Or does he/she not watch so it doesn't taint their objectivity to any potential voice-actors? *sighs* This is the kinda stuff I think about when I'm trying not to think about going back to school... Pause.

Oh crap. XD
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Well, I feel a lot better than yesterday. God, that headache was a major pain... But it's Thursday! Which means tomorrow is Friday! Which then also means that Mr. and Mrs. Smith is coming out~! Yay~! On another note, just downloaded the latest manga chapter of Naruto. Click below to see my thoughts and questions~!

Spoilers for Naruto RAW 263 - includes a few pics )
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Hey everyone~! Though I’m not completely back yet (I still have an English essay, Troy Tech, and the Yearbook project), I couldn’t wait to post my icons for one of my themes at [ profile] iconfiend100. Hope you guys like ‘em!


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I got home around 1:30AM after watching XXX: State of the Union with my family. (My brother made me watch it. >_<) The first thing I do? Go on the computer and proceed to make icons of the Naruto movie I just finished watching. I've seen it three times~! (So far. O_o;;) It is now around 5:50AM and I'm still awake. *puzzled* So I decided to go ahead and post said icons since I have nothing else to do. *shrugs*

Just one tiny preview so as not to spoil anyone:

I encourage everyone to try and download the Naruto movie! I thought it was totally worth it. *grins*

BEWARE of SPOILERS!!! But the Naruto movie rocked. Seriously. )
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Hey all! I come bearing icons yet again. =0P This time the post isn't so huge though, so that's good, right? ^^;; I have Yondaime, Naruto, and Sakura/Sasuke this time around. It's funny... I usually don't like Sakura/Sasuke, but I guess you could tell 'cause the icons are mostly angst captions... *sweatdrops* Hope you guys enjoy~! Don't forget to read the rules!


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*yawns* It's 5:11PM and I'm sleepy. O_o;; I think I'll take a nap soon...

Anyways, someone requested it and here it is. The Haku Set for my Couples Sets. ^_~ Oh... you know you want to see it. ^^


Couples Icons - Haku Set )
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YAY! This is the end of my Icons Galore posts. There are four icon posts all together. I have now linked all the posts, so you can access any of the four from whatever post you click. Well, let me conclude the madness.


Still couldn't find your secret pairing? Click below~!

Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Neji, Tenten, Lee )
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