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2010 Scrapbook - LJ Year in Review )
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Sign-Up for the SV Big Bang!
Sign-Up Deadline: April 16th, Friday

Seriously, guys. As of 4/11/10 at 7:35PM, I am the ONLY Clois author signed up. Seriously. What the hell is that?

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DO NOT UPLOAD MY PICSPAMS TO TUMBLR. They are already posted there on my personal Tumblr.

Despite current activity on my LJ, I'm still very much in love with Smallville... )
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Title: Final Hour
Edited by: Krys Yuy
Fandom: Smallville
Song: Final Hour
Artist: X-Ray Dog
Summary: Episodic overview of the two-hr Smallville event known as Absolute Justice.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. This fanvid is for entertainment purposes only.
View: YouTube
Download: MegaUpload*
It's a large .mov file! 149.MB. Sorry, still figuring out how to compress files without losing quality. P.S. If anyone can help me with that, I'd be eternally grateful. ♥
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Yes. A post about a 9x18 Upgrade spoiler. Which I am very, very happy about, but I know some people aren't.

Ausiello didn't get it wrong! )
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So. I realize I haven't been posting my Smallville videos to LiveJournal. Why? I have no idea. It slipped my mind, I guess. I'll fix that soon. Anyways, dear flist of mine - I started this Absolute Justice tribute video. But I don't know if I should continue it. This is just something I dabble in from time to time...

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There be SPOILERS, so beware if you click on the cut.

No sonic boom. So I'm not that fast, I guess. )
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Oh Persuasion. Can you be any more awesome? )
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… and more SV thoughts/speculation.

Yes, I'm breaking my hiatus early because I can't stand not talking about it anymore!!! (Plus all my school work is done for the week. -bounces- Yay! Though next week is a different matter entirely...)

ETA: I wrote this before I read the TVGuide article with Justin. :P

Smallville news EXPLODED while I was away. )

My thoughts on some random SV issues… )

SPOILERS behind the cuts.

Smallville~! Less than 24 hours to go~! Woo-hoo~!!!!

P.S. Drabble #12 posted. Check back periodically throughout the day. I hope to have a few more posted before Disciple... (And no, #10 still isn't done b/c my muse hates me.)
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He is so in love.

LOOK AT HIM. It's amazing. I can't look away. Seriously, no wonder Lois didn't want to leave! ;P My heart sighs. And all is well.

I'll be re-watching Smallville over the hiatus and posting my thoughts for all the episodes up to Pandora as I only did it for Savior, lol. It'll be a nice little thing to look back on for myself. :P So that's my little project after I get back from my grad school residency.

Aaaannnnnyyyyywwwwaaayyyysss... just had to post the pretty.

Back to my really, really, really, late homework. -winces- I blame Smallville.
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