Dec. 7th, 2009

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  • 11:21 RT @DisneyD23: Watch Santa’s elves in action in Prep & Landing on ABC tmrw at 8:30/7:30c! (We picked up plush elves at!) #
  • 11:22 It's raining. In the desert. I did not pack for this. #
  • 12:21 I have the WORST luck. XD;; Geez. #
  • 12:59 I'm reaching a very zen place regarding fandom. Hope it sticks. #
  • 13:02 BLACKOUT. ACK. #
  • 13:06 Jeez, blackouts scare the crap out of me. Good thing I wasn't watching Criminal Minds (which is what I was doing last time... O.o). #
  • 14:38 Some people just don't exist in my fandom. That's the only way I stay sane. #
  • 14:38 Tweeting in the midst of workshop... I'm such a horrible student. #
  • 15:59 Aww... I got a virtual gift (a snowflake) on LJ! Thanks, ellenemi! ♥ You're very sweet. #
  • 16:01 LOL, some of these Twitter conversations going on... I'll... just... -ducks out- (Need to do HW, anyway~~) #
  • 19:03 You've corrupted my innocent soul. :P @enidgisella @drvr8 Lol, just kidding. It's all good. ;D #
  • 19:07 RT @kryptonsite [#Smallville] Bid on a SIGNED "Absolute Justice" script and support charity - #
  • 19:08 I'm not gonna lie. I would bid. But Erica didn't sign. :( #
  • 19:30 See, I recognize the signatures of TW, PG, K&B, GJ, etc. But AM and JH? NO IDEA. #
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