Oct. 31st, 2009

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  • 01:42 Yes! #Smallville's Crossfire is up on iTunes! Faster than last week, I think. #
  • 04:31 Chloe and Stuart's hacking part of the episode reminded me of an episode of Criminal Minds (parts w/ Penelope and Kevin). #
  • 04:32 Which was... strange... for me b/c Penelope and Kevin end up dating after their accidental meet-up on the computers. #
  • 04:33 Yeah... you see where I'm going w/ this. #
  • 04:33 Btw, FINALLY finished my Clois video. Complete w/ Crossfire footage. Saving now. Will hopefully upload soon. #
  • 05:04 Uploading. Should be done in 1 hour and 45 minutes. :) Okay. -crashes on mattress- #
  • 07:44 Watch it. Love it. And start the revolution. bit.ly/cloisrev My newest Clois vid, complete with Crossfire footage. #
  • 07:45 #Smallville Clois vid set to "Audrey, Start the Revolution" by Anberlin. bit.ly/cloisrev Watch & rate, pretty please. :D :D #
  • 10:44 #Smallville's Crossfire is #5 on iTunes! Keep on climbing, climbing... (I say that every time.) #
  • 10:47 I wonder if a SV episode will ever make it to #1 on the iTunes chart. Hmm. (-eyes Crossfire, thinks about Idol&Pandora-) Maybe Society. #
  • 10:48 Okay. Gotta jet~! Bro's here. Time to celebrate my cousin's b-day! (At a German restaurant... lol.) #
  • 12:31 LOL @ Filipino superstitions... Gold, silver, copper... Gotta land on gold. #
  • 13:18 RT @richsands999: Recap of Smallville: We had Tess vs Zod; Chloe vs Stuart; but it's really all about that kiss tinyurl.com/yen5lx4 #
  • 23:40 Now #Smallville's Crossfire is #4 on iTunes. Sweet. :) #
  • 23:41 Tonight I watched "Dracula, Dead & Loving It" w/ @mooglechan and @Redcrest. HI-larious. (Also w/ a side order of Criminal Minds.) #
  • 23:42 Very low-key Halloween, but lots o' fun spending time w/ friends. Must do it again soon! #
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